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1 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/FAQ#How_long_will_it_take_to_generate_all_the_coins.3F 8 iwilcox 2014-03-13|01:43:12|UTC
2 OpenBazaar began as a strongly privacy-enhancing market by among others, Amir Taaki, but since it was forked into OB has dropped most of its privacy-respecting goals. Its new devs claim the use of a Tor HS for OB requires NAT traversal (not!) and that no ideal survives implementation. They also claim Tor is a bad platform for OB's chatty p2p. Use cautiously. 1 midnightmagic 2016-04-27|04:21:21|UTC
3 http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/23473/13336 4 iwilcox 2014-03-13|17:56:38|UTC
4 Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (AKA altcoins ) are off-topic in #bitcoin. Please use the particular channel for the altcoin you are interested in instead. 19 serajewelks 2014-03-31|19:12:05|UTC
5 Bitcoin is not anonymous. You will not be able to use it anonymously. The blockchain can be highly successfully forensically examined, and controlling entities fairly trivially picked out of the noise of daily transactions. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Anonymity 1 midnightmagic 2015-12-16|05:01:24|UTC
6 Bitcoin is not anonymous. The blockchain can be highly successfully forensically examined, and controlling entities fairly trivially picked out of the noise of daily transaction volumes. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Anonymity 0 midnightmagic 2015-06-08|11:06:25|UTC
7 "Does anyone use ___" is not a helpful question, and usually serves only to single someone out to barrage in channel (or PM!) with an actual series of questions. Don't ask if someone uses something, just ask your real question. 73 serajewelks 2014-03-13|16:38:12|UTC
8 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Original_Bitcoin_client/API_calls_list 6 iwilcox 2014-03-17|18:38:37|UTC
9 Don't ask to ask (to ask...), just ask your question! 38 iwilcox 2014-04-28|20:04:40|UTC
10 http://sackheads.org/~bnaylor/spew/away_msgs.html 0 iwilcox 2015-08-18|01:51:34|UTC
11 Use #bitcoin-otc for trading. Trading is off-topic in #bitcoin. 29 serajewelks 2014-03-13|19:56:35|UTC
12 bitcoin.conf isn't created by default, but is looked for in the datadir, which by default is %APPDATA%\Bitcoin (on Windows), ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/ (on Mac), ~/.bitcoin/ (on Linux) 0 iwilcox 2017-04-10|13:33:15|UTC
13 The Bitcoin blockchain is the data structure that bitcoin software uses to build global consensus. Blockchain.info is a web wallet company with an unfortunate history of breaks and significant, bitcoin-losing security problems. b.i is NOT a component of Bitcoin, but rather a company that just decided to use the blockchain moniker. See bitcoin.it/wiki/blockchain 10 midnightmagic 2015-06-08|08:28:22|UTC
14 The 'random' button on brainwallet.org appears to create maliciously weak private keys which can be broken by a third party. Using the HTML source offline does not absolve this vulnerability. Any funds stored in these addresses have been stolen, or are at immediate risk of being stolen. 17 nanotube 2014-06-27|03:26:08|UTC
15 http://i.imgur.com/fYFBsqp.jpg 9 iwilcox 2014-03-13|17:12:27|UTC
16 The biggest exchange can fail with near-total loss of funds (e.g. MtGox.) Don't leave money in exchanges you're afraid to lose; you are merely an unsecured creditor if they go under; exchanges can freeze your accounts or arbitrarily prevent withdrawals; until you cash out, all you are buying is a PHP variable; AML/KYC mean exchanges can easily steal your identity. 5 midnightmagic 2015-11-15|00:00:16|UTC
17 #bitcoin topics are not universal. We have a topic, and we have rules. They are a strict superset of Freenode's rules. That means Freenode + Us = restrictions. This is not free speech being trampled on: you only get to say that if we arrest you and throw you in prison. https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bitcoin_IRC_Channel_Guidelines http://xkcd.com/1357/ 2 midnightmagic 2015-06-11|07:09:22|UTC
18 If you have your IRC client force SASL authentication with Freenode, and disconnect immediately if SASL authentication fails, you will almost never have to be on the network without your GECOS cloak. 0 midnightmagic 2015-11-14|23:47:21|UTC
19 Child Pays For Parent. A miner supporting CPFP will consider a chain of transactions that depend on a parent, rather than just the parent, when picking transactions to include. The typical example is a parent with no fees but with children paying enough fees to cross some fee threshold. A node might also use CPFP in relaying decisions. 4 iwilcox 2014-03-19|11:37:48|UTC
20 Be warned that the version of Bitcoin Core in some package repositories are severely out of date and may be harmful to use. See https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Using_Bitcoin#Issues_with_Linux_package_repositories 1 iwilcox 2014-05-17|19:58:24|UTC
21 The developer docs offer guides, references and examples for block chain structure, transactions, wallets, contracts, payment processing, micropayments, mining, the P2P protocol and more. Find them at at https://bitcoin.org/en/developer-documentation 10 iwilcox 2014-07-23|11:05:50|UTC
22 Nobody can help with "X doesn't work" . Please provide context: what you did, what you hoped would happen, and what happened instead. 6 iwilcox 2014-03-13|05:23:24|UTC
23 The enter key is not a substitute for punctuation. Please do not flood the channel with short messages. This makes it harder to follow what you are saying and unnecessarily annoys people. 22 serajewelks 2014-03-13|17:39:39|UTC
24 An Android vulnerability dubbed 'Fake ID' has been found which allows malicious apps to access wallet app data. We recommend installing only Play Store apps (which get scanned for malware) at least until your phone is patched. More at http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/07/android-crypto-blunder-exposes-users-to-highly-privileged-malware/ 0 iwilcox 2014-07-29|15:56:23|UTC
25 The old Bitcoin faucets were a way to bootstrap the currency. These days they are almost entirely pointless scamsites that farm you for views for less value even than the old pre-$1 faucets would hand out. Except for testnet faucets, don't waste your time. 1 midnightmagic 2016-04-04|17:43:56|UTC
26 Productive mining is a specialist industry now, requiring ASICs. On CPUs, GPUs or FPGAs you'll pay more for the electricity than you'll make back in Bitcoin, even on free hardware. Even on ASICs you should treat mining as an educational hobby with a net loss. See also !preorder. 111 iwilcox 2014-03-19|13:15:16|UTC
27 Bitcoin Core is affected by OpenSSL heartbleed in two narrow ways: if RPC over SSL was on and exposed to the public, or if the payment protocol was used with unknown sites. Fix is in v0.9.1! https://bitcoin.org/heartbleed http://goo.gl/5nRAB7 30 midnightmagic 2014-04-11|17:13:39|UTC
28 http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages 0 iwilcox 2015-01-09|09:26:55|UTC
29 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/API_reference_(JSON-RPC) 4 iwilcox 2014-03-17|18:48:36|UTC
30 I accept commands via private message. Please PM me if you are going to execute many commands not directly related to current channel activity. Not doing so may be considered flooding the channel. 1 serajewelks 2014-03-28|17:04:15|UTC
31 Many popular forms of payment, such as PayPal and credit cards, allow the sender to claw back the money via a 'chargeback'. This is very undesirable for the seller of bitcoins, so you'll often have trouble convincing people to trade on these. See https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Payment_methods for comparison of payment methods. 40 iwilcox 2014-03-16|00:48:51|UTC
32 https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf 15 iwilcox 2014-03-13|01:09:49|UTC
33 Proof of Stake: see https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/pos.pdf 2 iwilcox 2015-04-13|00:14:40|UTC
34 It is risky to post addresses that you use or know of. People are combing these IRC channels to perform correlative attacks on innocent users. It also hurts the privacy of the people you deal with. If you don't want to see this message, please add the keyword validateaddress anywhere to your line and the bot won't trigger this warning. 1 midnightmagic 2017-11-17|18:40:17|UTC
35 Pre-ordering mining equipment is very high-risk. ASICs are often overpromised & underdelivered, some never arriving or arriving very late/below spec. Even if they arrive on time, difficulty rises often exceed predictions and few models reach profitability. 30 iwilcox 2014-03-19|13:14:57|UTC
36 Price talk in #bitcoin is offtopic; please use #bitcoin-pricetalk instead. 7 midnightmagic 2017-01-22|08:59:27|UTC
37 Samourai, described as a privacy-enhancing wallet and, peculiarly, rated by a well-referenced but terrible study as more private than Bitcoin Core, *still* reports back entire groupings of addresses to blockchain.i* and has *poor* and *identifiably different* tx building logic. Its github repository is merely a code dump; if you value your privacy, DO NOT USE IT. 1 midnightmagic 2016-04-27|04:11:39|UTC
38 The name of the current smallest bitcoin unit, i.e. 0.00000001 BTC 22 iwilcox 2014-03-19|13:31:19|UTC
39 Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of Bitcoin's creator. Speculation about his true identity is boring. 19 iwilcox 2014-03-19|13:56:17|UTC
40 Transactions have no from address; while they have some last-sent-to addresses, trying sending coins there can result in a variety of problems including coin loss. See https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/From_address 5 iwilcox 2014-10-26|03:36:17|UTC
41 The UPnP library included in Bitcoin Core <=0.11.0 has a (LAN) vulnerability at startup, fixed in 0.11.1 and 0.10.3. You must upgrade. If you can't upgrade immediately, you must at least disable UPnP before you next (re)start your node, via any of: GUI: Options > Network > Map port using UPNP (uncheck); bitcoin.conf: upnp=0; command line: -noupnp. 17 iwilcox 2015-10-09|16:24:25|UTC
42 As opposed to Wikipedia, the Bitcoin Wiki, here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Main_Page has between the masses of spam and commercial fail-edits, significant, and highly accurate, curated technical information about Bitcoin. 1 midnightmagic 2015-06-08|13:14:16|UTC
43 Wikipedia's current bitcoin entry is not reflective of even a significant subset of factual information, and has been the object of several editwars and obvious and deliberate censorship events. Treat the information there as suspect. 0 midnightmagic 2015-06-08|12:51:25|UTC