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1 Mining pools: http://mining.bitcoin.cz/ http://www.bitpenny.com/ http://deepbit.net/ 88 nanotube 2010-12-02|04:59:45|UTC
2 Bitcoin website: http://bitcoin.org/ 2 nanotube 2010-12-02|05:02:58|UTC
3 Bitcoin wiki: http://bitcoin.it/ 4 nanotube 2010-12-02|05:03:06|UTC
4 Like your discussions over email? Join the bitcoin-discussion google group! http://groups.google.com/group/bitcoin-discussion 1 nanotube 2010-12-02|05:14:30|UTC
5 Here's a bitcoin wiki page about gribble: http://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Gribble 8 nanotube 2010-12-06|06:31:02|UTC
6 http://blockexplorer.com 2 nanotube 2010-12-09|07:05:38|UTC
7 Get some free bitcoins to play with at https://freebitcoins.appspot.com/ 2 nanotube 2010-12-10|04:41:34|UTC
8 List of bitcoin-accepting merchants: http://www.bitcoin.org/trade 1 nanotube 2010-12-10|05:37:17|UTC
9 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/FAQ 5 nanotube 2010-12-15|00:26:42|UTC
10 Snapshots on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitcoin/files/Bitcoin/blockchain/ || Nightly snapshots by BlueMatt: http://bitcoin.bluematt.me/bitcoin-nightly/blockchain-nightly/ 4 nanotube 2011-07-27|14:36:44|UTC